Capitale Investments, LLC is a Global Investment Management Firm. We design and create portfolios tailored to high net worth clients and institutions seeking private account management. Client portfolios are actively managed and custom designed for each client, taking into consideration their investment objectives, risk tolerance, tax situation and time horizon. Our strategic approach can coordinate with other existing assets to avoid overlap and redundancy.  We identify and implement the necessary tactical style for each client; growth, value, or blend and employ it within our successful long-term strategy.


  • We manage risk; we do not avoid it.
  • Maintain well-diversified portfolios across sectors and securities.
  • Do not advocate market timing
  • Discipline and a defined process are key elements to success.
  • We analyze all aspects of our clients’ financial situation and desired outcome prior to constructing portfolios.
  • Our investments are focused on cost-effective after-tax results and we recognize that performance does matter.


We believe in identifying superior companies that are trading below their intrinsic value. Thus, we have a high conviction that value will be realized within 1 to 3 years. We focus on high-quality securities that demonstrate profitability and long-term growth potential. We strive to achieve long-term capital appreciation by blending a top-down sector weighting with a bottom-up security selection to optimize performance.